Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Knee-deep in...

Painting sucks... I feel like I'm just watching the paint dry... I have 15 cabinet doors to paint and by tomorrow, hopefully, 8 will be dry--on both sides. The Home Depot has become my second home. I go there just about every day. I should be on a first name basis with the entire crew by next week. I feel like such a butch chick--jeans caked with paint, hiking boots, sportsbra and tank top, hair pulled back and no make-up. I dumped the whole purse thing and just carry a small cigarette case that holds my credit cards and I.D., to make it easier to carry paints and supplies as I shop. Today I put in a little more effort and put on some make-up and sort of did my hair. I needed to feel feminine again.

Sink clogged

Went to Ace Hardware in Fullerton and asked the sales person if they had something stronger than Drano. They had the "stuff" Alana suggested getting. The sales person said, "you want the acid." He went to a back room and got a white container (below) covered in a plastic bag. The acid was $10 bucks.

Gonna try a pressured device first before I try the acid.

"Flush Out" the acid from Ace

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Painting kitchen cabinets

Valerie started to sand the kitchen cabinets on Monday in order for us to restain them. We realized this was going to take really really really long. We decided it would be better to paint them. She painted them today and most of it went well, until she poured the bucket of diluted paint from rinsing the brushes into the sink and it backed up. Not sure if it's from the paint or if it was an existing problem. Tried two types of Drano and no success. Alana suggested going to ace to buy a more powerful liquid... stay tuned.

Cabinet doors being painted in the garage

Monday, June 27, 2005

Moving: part 2

We are 95% moved in as of Sunday, June 26, 2005. With help from Rookie and Sticky and one huge-ass U-haul we got most of the heavy stuff. Valerie has a ton of clothes ("I'm a costume designer... what do you expect").

The cat didn't take the move very well on the first day here. He was hiding and was scared of every sound.

Today, we unpacked some boxes and there is a lot more room now to walk around.

U-haul in front of the garage

Rookie and sticky unloading

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cable, locks and couch.

Cable guy came over, took longer than I though it would, but he finally got the cable modem set up. During the time the cable guy was cover, the locksmith came to re-key the locks. Took him about 30 minutes. The cable guy finally figured it out and internet works fine... it's a little slower than time warner.

The couch came on Friday in perfect condition.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Moving: part 1

We did a small move today, about the size of a cargo van's worth.

Our new LG 3-door fridge was delivered when we were unpacking the cargo van. The gate in front was too small so the Best Buy guys had to lift and carry it over.

We loaded the cargo van pull of things from storage for another small move tomorrow.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Electricity, Water and Gas

Called the Public Utilities today. The utilities are being switch on this Monday. Cost for that is only 10 bucks. Gas is the only thing not included in this utilities bill. That's gonna be up and running Monday as well. They're charging $25 bucks.

We are on scheduled to move in tomorrow. Yah!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Photos from May 2005

Moving in and remodeling of our new home. 199 North Magnolia Ave. We'll keep you updated with photos and comments.

Front patio


Living room


Master bedroom