Saturday, July 02, 2005


I was a bit worried about HoBart (the kitty) not adjusting well to the move. On his first day here, he would find whatever nearest, dark corner he could find and curl himself in as far as he could. Bribing him with a treat would not even get the slightest reaction. He would just stare straight ahead and ignore me... I really thought that he was mad at me and that he would be so traumatized that he would turn into one of those kitties that spend all day hiding and only come out when no one is around. What had happened to the black fuzz ball of rambunctious, hyperactive energy that was HoBart? Fortunately, it only took him a couple days of deep exploring until he soon claimed the house as his, proclaimed himself king and named us his faithful followers again. Of all the new places around his new kingdom, he has found favorite stake-out spots at the master bedroom window sill which is nice and wide to accomodate his, uh, gait, and at the top of the stairs where he can spy any intruders. And lucky for us, he has approved the new couch.

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