Wednesday, October 17, 2007

looks like fall is here!

Flew back to Connecticut last week and didn't see many trees changing colors. This week it's starting to show more and more. Here are some fall colors. I'll post more photos every day.

Shaw's (wannabe Albertson's) supermarket parking lot.

Inside of Shaw's here's how the price tags look like. They're electronic!


Lisa Mertins illustration said...

about 10 years ago, i had the idea to carry a hand-held personal scanner. you could scan your coupons then scan the item when you put it in the cart. then, upload the data to your refrigerator to keep track of what you needed, what's on sale...somebody will probably be a billionaire with this device very soon...

rick said...

or, you can have it all done online and have them deliver the groceries to your door. i was wondering how my neighbor goes to the supermarket without a car. she doesn't. the supermarket comes to her. only a $7 fee for delivery.