Sunday, November 11, 2007

New thermostat

Since the gas bills are gonna be really high... we gotta find every way to save money. One way is to have a programmable thermostat. We can set the night time temperature 65 degrees when we're sleeping in and have electric heaters in the room. The whole house doesn't need to be heated. Then at 6:45am, the temperature is set to be at 72 so we can wake up to a warm house. There are 4 different settings per day.

Installing it was not very hard overall. The hardest part was to try to figure out what wires go where. The wires weren't color coded or labeled. I looked up some info online and found a website that described which wires went where. I had to look this info up on my iPhone since I turned off the power to the house, which turned off my cable modem. The iPhone to the rescue again.


Andrea said...

hi, AndreaFahy here from the Apple discussions. Did you take these indoor photos with your iPhone?

rick said...

Yes, these thermostat photos were taken indoors. There was a single light. You can see that they're a little bit fuzzy because they were indoors with not the brightest lights. Photos that were taken outdoors were much sharper. I've noticed that when you take a photo while moving fast in a car, the photo becomes distorted... part of the photo is fine, while another part is skewed. The iPhone takes good photos of stills in bright lights... If you want night shots or fast moving shots, you should get a real camera. My camera broke and i've been using the iPhone since july to take photos. It does what what I need it for now. Sometimes I do wish I have a better camera.